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Family: Rhinolophidae
Genus: Rhinolophus
Species: Rhinolophus microglobosus
Taxonomic remarks:
Identified by: Gábor Csorba

ID evidences:
      sound: YES
      tissue: YES

Gender: Female

Individual #: CSOCA121
Voucher #:
Accession #: HNHM-MAM-22682
GBIF_UID: SEABCRU-occur-0001961
Genetic #:

Date: 2007.10.27
Latitude: 12.20743
Longitude: 103.03492
Location accuracy:
Altitude: 345
Locality: Phnom Samkos
Settlement: Pramaoy
Territory: Pusat Province
Country: Cambodia


Method: Hand held
Call type:
Recording quality: 0

Device manufacturer: Pettersson Elektronik AB
Device model: D240X
Recording_type: Time expansion
TE_factor: 10
FD factor:

Recordist_name: Gábor Csorba
Contact: Gábor Csorba
Contact e-mail:

Citation: Görföl, T., Huang, J.C.-C., Csorba, G., Gy?rössy, D., Estók, P., Kingston, T., Szabadi, K.L., McArthur, E., Senawi, J., Furey, N.M., Tu, V.T., Thong, V.D., Khan, F.A.A., Jinggong, E.R., Donnelly, M., Kumaran, J.V., Liu, J.-N., Chen, S.-F., Tuanmu, M.-N., Ho, Y.-Y., Chang, H.-C., Elias, N.-A., Abdullah, N.I., Lim, L.-S., Squire, C.D., Zseb?k, S. 2022. ChiroVox: a public library of bat calls. PeerJ 12445. DOI: 10.7717/peerj.12445

Access_type: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

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